The studio

Feel truly at home  in  this  romantic  townhouse studio. 

Beautifully decorated  interiors  and  professional lighting  equipment  are  waiting for  you, 

so  you  can live your fairytale  for  one special day.  Sunlit  studio  available for  bachelorette  parties and workshops.


-electric  background  holder  with  black,  white,  grey  and  green screens

-5x flash  ( 3x Fighter 300 and 2x 600 )

-3x shutter  remote  controllers

-1x constant light  ( 8x 125 Watt )

-1x boom

-1x Beauty dish with honeycomb grid

-colour filter set

-94cm long slider

-smoke machine,  fan,  projector

My favorite studio!  Professional  assistance,  beautiful  interiors, 

friendly atmosphere  and  delicious  cookies.  I  warmly  recommend  it  to  everybody.               

Katalin  Varro


Eszter Tóth

Gábor Vagyóczki

Address:  Apt. 6,  2nd floor (turn right),  121 Üllői út,  Budapest  1091